The Lonely Path

I walk down a lonely path,

A road of sorrow and pain,

A walkway of difficulty and heart break,

An avenue cursed with eternal Rain.

On a day unique,

Only because it Rains even harder,

My Heart flutters like a fragile butterfly,

Valiantly battling against the Dark.

For a moment the Clouds

Seem to disperse,

A solitary ray of Sunshine

Brightening my soul.

But alas! The Clouds converge again,

The Sky an angry shade of grey,

Soon, the Thunderclouds roll in

The Lightning searing everything in its path.

The Rain drops fall with force

Stinging my skin where they meet,

I grit my teeth

And walk on, into the Darkness.

A Shadow detaches itself

From the Dark surrounding me,

It floats towards me,

Barely touching the ground.

The Rain doesn’t seem to affect it,

Like a wisp of smoke almost, is it,

My Heart races, faster and faster,

It comes closer and closer.

It pauses in front of me

And I see its face,

Perfect; beyond all compare

Was her face.

She had curls the shade of Night,

Her eyes just as dark and deep,

They seemed to have a twinkle in them,

Almost peering into my soul.

She looks into my eyes,

I look into hers,

A smile spreads across her face,

One slowly creeps across mine.

I whisper to the air, “Beautiful”,

She whispers to me

“Love is Dark, Stay as far away

As can possibly be.”

I look at her, bewildered,

Her face was still smiling,

My hand extended, as I

Reached to caress her heavenly cheek.

The moment my skin meets hers

She disappeared,

Leaving me with nothing

But a Shadow.

I can feel the ferocious Rain again,

My Heart seems to be clawing at my chest,

But I grit my teeth,

And walk on, further, into the Darkness.

And so, I walk down the lonely path,

The road of sorrow and pain,

The walkway of difficulty and heart break,

The avenue cursed with eternal Rain.


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